The Sinus Cure

(Newly Revised)

by Debrah Fulgum Bruce & Dr. Murray Grossan, M.D.

The best-selling sinus health book has been fully updated to include all the latest development. A long-time bestseller, thousands of sinus sufferers have found relief with a minimum of drugs and frequently avoiding surgery.

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 How to Stop Antibiotics and Start Living

Why do people get sinusitis? Often it's because they don't take it easy when they have a simple cold - drink hot liquids and rest. Or they blow the nose too hard and irritate the openings to the sinuses or blow bacteria into the sinuses. Sometimes there is bad anatomy that needs to be corrected. Sometimes it comes on at the exhaustion stage of nasal allergy when the cilia are exhausted. Sinusitis is mostly preventable, however. There are many things you can do about it- start by reading The Sinus Cure.

Does sinusitis make asthma worse?  (P.48)  Absolutely. Some 70% of persons with asthma have sinus disease. They are both diseases of inflammation, and the therapy is often identical.


All information given here is very general, not for a specific person or case, and not intended as a substitute for a doctor's advice. In all cases, if you have a disease or medical problem, seek medical attention.

Dr. Grossan says to relax to clear a sinus infection. Does that mean I must take a tranquilizer drug?             No no no. The book shows you how to use biofeedback, by yourself, anytime, anywhere, to relax your muscles using the mirror as a biofeedback device. This improves your own body's ability to fight any infection and most illnesses.

I finish my antibiotics and I feel fine. Then in 6 weeks or so I am sick again. Will the book help?    Yes! The return of infection means that the cilia that defend the nose have not returned to sweeping away bacteria. The book explains how tea, chicken soup, pulsatile irrigation and other techniques work to restore cilia function.

Do sinus cilia have anything to do with my sinus problems? Yes! Sinus cilia are the key to sinus health, the body's first line of defense against sinus problems. Read all about cilia in the book.

How do I get my cilia to move to get rid of bacteria? P.175     Tea, chicken soup, and singing "ooooommmmm" all help.  Pulsatile sinus irrigation, at the pulsation rate to restore cilia movement, is designed to remove thick mucus and restore cilia. See the Hydro Pulse™ Nasal/Sinus Pulsatile Nasal Irrigation System at

Why do my sinuses ache?    When the membranes swell this is painful. If the sinuses are blocked, you get a vacuum effect and this is most painful of all. Clearing the infection by pulsatile  irrigation and using natural enzymes such as Clear-ease™ to reduce swelling is good therapy. Read more about this in the book.

Does it matter what kind of solution I use for nasal irrigation?    Some people use ordinary table salt. This contains iodine and anti-caking chemicals that give many people an uncomfortable burning or stinging sensation. You can avoid this by using Breathe-ease XL™, a preservative-free solution mix that enhances the salt in order to improve cilia function. It is a formula based on the Intravenous solutions they give in the hospital to balance the body's chemistry. You can read more about it here. Sea salt is not recommended because it contains many unwanted products from evaporated sea water. 

You recommend breakfast in bed for allergy.  Are you serious? Why?   At night your cilia go to sleep and your body temperature drops. When you awaken your temperature comes back to normal and the cilia work to remove the dust accumulated in the nose during the night. But the person with allergy or sinusitis, has what I call a "crooked thermostat." Instead of the normal body temperature adjustment, they sneeze and hack and cough. That does raise the temperature OK, but it starts a cascade of continuing sneezing and hacking. You can avoid that by warming the body while still in bed. A thermos or hot plate for tea - green or black - with or without caffeine - will warm the body and avoid that morning cascade and prevent those symptoms.

What is best for nasal allergy?    Go to and see what is high in pollen count when you have bad symptoms. Then you can identify what you are allergic to. Don't get chilled. Drive with windows closed. Pulsatile irrigation is useful to remove the pollen and the IgE which makes the allergy symptoms. You should dust- proof your bedroom. All these ideas, how to do them and why they work, and many more subjects including snoring, herbs, children's sinus prevention, etc. are covered in the book.

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